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Biuro Handlowe Ruda products

kopalniaSince the very beginning the history of the Biuro Handlowe Ruda has been bound to the underground copper, zinc and lead ore mining. The first underground mining machines made by the Finnish TAMROCK have been delivered by us to the ZG Trzebionka, KGHM Polish Copper S.A. and ZGH Bolesław mines already in 1990.

Since then over 300 drifting jumbos, bolting rigs, LHDs and dump trucks have been delivered to those mines, contributing to an essential improvement of the mining process, its efficiency and safety.

Availing of the experience gained throughout the years of after sale servicing, repairing and rebuilding of the delivered units, in 2006 we’ve commenced production of underground mining machines based upon own, original concepts and engineering.  

The two first prototype mobile charging units made in 2006 are still fully operative and keep working successfully in copper mine faces.


The Ruda Truck undercarriage has been designed as a versatile and universal unit applicable to tough underground working conditions, becoming the base for the wide range of the utility machines such as charging, transportation and service vehicles. In the next step the product range has been extended by the drifting and bolting rigs.


ruda-truck-rtb-2The product range includes: 

     - RTD Drifting jumbo

     - RTCD Core Drilling rig

     - RTRB Rock Bolting rig

     - RTT Multipurpose Utility vehicle

     - RTP Personnel Transportation vehicle

     - RTB Explosives Transportation and Charging vehicle

     - RTO Oil and Lubricants Transportation vehicle

     - RTS Service vehicle

     - RTE Emergency vehicle

     - RTMR Medic & Rescue vehicle

     - RTF Fire Fighting vehicle


All our products have excellent traction parameters, including the 360 mm ground clearance, the 14.00 R24 pneumatic wheels and the substantial front and rear attacking angles.

These are articulated units provided with main hinges of two degrees of freedom and

reliable, classic type of power train with torque converters, transmissions and axles equipped with multidisc wet brakes on all wheels acting as both service and emergency/parking brakes.

Our products meet the most demanding safety standards. All of them are provided with capsule-type operator’s cabins (meeting the 60 kJ FOPS standard required by the Polish mining regulations PN-92/G-59001) with air-conditioning and filtration systems. The inner space of the cabin is ergonomically arranged offering comfort working environment, with pneumatically suspended operator’s seats and electronic monitoring systems to supervise the operational parameters of the machine.

All the units are equipped with the Ansul Check Fire extinguishing systems.

Moreover, we produce special, tailor – made rigs, such as hydraulic power units (HPU) of various power ranges and for various applications.

In addition, several different attachments are being produced for mining and construction projects.

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