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Since the very beginning, i.e. since 1990 the company profile has been closely bound to the Polish underground copper, zinc and lead mining industry, as well as to the open pit quarries. 



Biuro Handlowe Ruda had started delivery of the first mining machines made by the Finnish Tamrock already during the 90-ties of the last century, contributing significantly to the improvements of the mining processes, work safety, operators comfort and, last but not least increase of the productivity in the Polish mining industry.


Based upon the many years’ experience gained at rebuilds, adaptive modifications and aftersales services, own production of mining machines has been started in 2006 and gradually developed since then, according to innovative ideas of the company’s engineering team.

ruda truck

tn DSC01171

First two prototype units, named RTB-14 (Ruda Truck Blasting), provided for production, transportation and mechanized charging the drilled blasting holes with the emulsion-type explosive which have been delivered to KGHM mines started a serie of RT (Ruda Truck), units:

- Underground charging and blasting vehicles RTB15 i RTCh23
- Underground drilling rigs RTCD18 i RTD18
- Underground bolting rigs RTRB18
- Undergroud multipurpose utility vehicle RTT
- Auxiliary attachments and equipment for underground and construction equipment.

MEMU1tn DSCN0107a

Next, following the underground charging and blasting vehicles was production of MEMU (Mobile Explosive Manufacturing Unit)vehicles, provided for fabrication and charging emulsion-type explosives into drilled holes at open pit mines and tunneling. 

MEMU is produced in two versions:
RTE-RP - (Repumpable System)
- RTE-SMS - (Site mixing System)


ruda hpu 3

In addition, we specialize in the design and production of tailor-made Technical Containers.

Examples of our projects are:
- Containerised HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) which are tailor made for customer needs and applications.
- Containerised LIR (Local Instrumental Room)
- Containerised LER (Local Equipment Room) for oil&gas industry.
produkcja kontenery lr ler 1- Emergency power generators
- Containerised gas generators
- Containerised control rooms for open pit quarries and gravel pits
- Containerised service workshops



All the products manufactured by Biuro Handlowe Ruda are made in close cooperation with customers and end-users, providing the market with units adapted to the most specific requirements and working conditions, meeting at the same time the most complex customer expectations.

produkcja2   produkcja4  




Stanisław Zając

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Krzysztof Rudnikowicz

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